Best Times to Visit to Los Angeles & To Best Hotel to Stay in Los Angeles

The best times to visit Los Angeles are from March to May and between September and November when the air is more breathable, and the groups are less harsh. Normal temperatures during these months range from the low 50s to the low 80s, which makes strolling around and visiting outside attractions significantly more agreeable. Throughout the mid-year, normal highs take off into the mid-80s; the intensity combined with weighty exhaust cloud levels frequently drive guests and occupants the same to the all-around swarmed oceanside neighborhoods.

It can be hot or very hot from July to September, and there are many days with sweltering temperatures. Rainfall is rare, and temperatures range between 64° (min) and over 90° (max). Los Angeles can also experience high temperatures of 86° when warm, dry winds from the nearby California deserts blow over it (Santa Ana Winds). Consider a trip at a cooler time of year if you’re looking for deals. Make a point to pack an umbrella, since you will undoubtedly experience a little precipitation in January and February.

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Walk May

Less crowded and agreeable temperatures make spring an incredible chance to visit the City of Angels. Normal daytime temperatures wait in the low to mid-70s – without winter’s common downpour and summer’s mind-boggling exhaust cloud. In addition, you’re bound to track down limited rooms throughout the spring months, in spite of the fact that rates will be somewhat more costly than those presented in winter.

Key Events:

  • Los Angeles Marathon (March)
  • Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (April)
  • Party Broadway (April)
  • Unique Renaissance Pleasure Faire (April-May)
  • Jazz Reggae Festival (May)


June through August denotes the pinnacle traveler season. In any case, high temperatures, some of the time weighty exhaust cloud levels and soaring lodging rates are sufficient to smother anybody’s craving to see the city. Nonetheless, summer offers a few fun celebrations for guests to appreciate.

Key Events:

  • LA Pride (June)
  • Outfest (July)
  • Nisei Week Japanese Festival (August)


Harvest time denotes one more perfect balance for LA. Scattering groups and cooling climate (normal temps float in the high 70s and low 80s) make Los Angeles a substantially more sensible place to get-away. Furthermore, you might in any case have the option to score a few extraordinary arrangements on lodgings and airfare on the off chance that you plan half a month ahead of time.

Key Events:

  • Emmy Awards (September)
  • LA County Fair (September)
  • Abbot Kinney Festival (September)
  • Dia de los Muertos Festival (October)
  • DTLA Film Festival (October)
  • LA Auto Show (November)


Despite the fact that downpour is more normal during these months, you shouldn’t preclude a colder time of year trip. Online arrangements on airfare and lodgings proliferate, while normal highs in the upper 60s are superior to the freezing cold experienced by other major U.S. urban areas like New York and Boston. This season additionally includes most of LA’s well known entertainment pageants, including the Academy Awards and the Grammys.

Key Events:

  • Hollywood Christmas Parade (December)
  • Brilliant Globe Awards (January)
  • Grammy Awards (January or February)
  • LA Art Show (February)
  • Chinese New Year and Golden Dragon Parade (February)
  • Institute Awards (February)


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