Book your Hotel Room in Aga Hotels for a Trip at Long Beach, Los Angeles

Long Beach is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own particular look and feel. Many of them also have their own distinctive shopping areas. Local free shops are nearby in these areas, and the shops are assured of being wildly innovative in what they offer. Here are a couple of those areas and what you can expect there. You will see so much more once you get there.

Bixby Knolls – The north Long Beach area doesn’t just boast the famous First Fridays Art Walk and a bunch of uncommon specialty lager joints called “Brewery Knolls,” as it also boasts a variety of shops and exhibitions that are freely possessed. The Bixby Knolls shopping locale is principally located on one or the other side of one of Long Beach’s busiest streets, Atlantic Avenue. There is a kind of harmony between the most recent items and the past of one of the seasoned areas in the city, the sort of place where you could window shop. Pixie Toys, for instance, offers a vivid perspective on things kids need from dolls to dollhouses to Tonka Trucks to Minecraft. That is the thing about strolling the Knolls, something will undoubtedly grab your attention and draw you in. Wine, beer, and soul shop Corked offer a huge selection of drinks for every budget and event, including a gin called Bixby Dry Gin!

East Village Arts District– This super cool shopping area is somewhat less obvious. By and large, it alludes to that space in Downtown Long Beach sandwiched between Alamitos Avenue toward the east and Long Beach Boulevard toward the west. As the name suggests, East Village is aesthetic and accompanies its portion of exhibitions, for example, the provocative Hellada Gallery which sells works by nearby specialists while going about as a local area center point.

Craftsmanship is in a real sense all over the place, from the huge outside paintings painted on region dividers to more modest manifestations on walkway utility boxes to the contributions of Long Beach Museum of Art’s satellite LBMA Downtown space.

Shops mirror that creative reasonableness, offering individual, curated things, regardless of whether at Fingerprints Music, one of the country’s best music stores – it has played host to exhibitions by any semblance of Foo Fighters and Brian Wilson – or the cool scope of men’s style, everything from Hawaiian shirts to bike wear, at ButterScotch LBC. Large numbers of the shops are housed in the re-established noteworthy structures that have made this region a famous shooting area for creations, for example, “This Is Us” and “Fantasy World.”

Book your stay at Aga Hotels and make a day trip to Long Beach.

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